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Results in average savings percentages by category and subcategory
  • Fixed Telephony30%

  • Mobile28%

  • Data Network20%

  • Intelligent Network14%

  • Security16%

  • Internet15%

  • Helpdesk20%

  • Job virtualization21%

  • Infrastructures25%

  • TEM18%

  • MDM/BYOD20%

success Cases
Overhead Costs
  • Travel Agency25%

  • Hotels21%

  • Car Rental12%

  • Office Material35%

  • Printers/Printing30%

  • Messaging28%

  • Cleaning24%

  • Consumables30%

  • Uniforms15%

  • Furniture15%

  • Industrial Equipment15%

  • Waste Management22%

success Cases
Energy Efficiency and Maintenance
  • Energy Efficiency22%

  • Inmotics Technology22%

  • Global Maint. Strategy17%

  • Industrial Refrig. Maint.15%

  • Industrial Climate Maint.20%

  • Restaurant Industry Maint.15%

success Cases
Purchasing and Logistics
  • Purchasing Processes16%

  • Transp. and Logistics Proc.12%

  • Stocks Management14%

  • Warehouse Management12%

  • Materials’ Purchasing14%

  • Products’ Purchasing16%

success Cases
  • Electricity19%

  • Gas12%

  • Water10%

success Cases


Update and control the inventory, an architecture and infrastructure suitables to your needs and to negotiate optimal techno-economic conditions with the Operators contribute directly to the achievement of savings.
Overhead Costs
The most important thing and what impacts direction the achievement of savings is to identify the model of consumption in each item of expenditure, standarize products and/or services as much as possible and the correct application of common sense.
Energy Efficiency and Maintenance (Energy Efficiency)
Negotiate the best conditions with the utility, fully control the billing cycle, correct deficiencies in supply, implement technology for automatic reduction in consumption and avoid waste and misuse.
Energy Efficiency and Maintenance (Maintenance)
Having a suitable Software for the management needs that allows to manage assets efficiently, measure, evaluate and correct, as well as finding the perfect balance between desired cost, scope of the proposed service and quality.
Purchasing and Logistics
In optimizing the process it is found the excellence in the operation and, therefore, the desired impact on cost. Analyze the operational chain to identify inefficiencies, allowing to evaluate and dispose the best way to reduce or eliminate them.
Update and control the inventory, negotiate with Distributors based on a proper tender documents, controlling extensively the whole billing cycle and be proactive in the management of information generated.
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